Psalms of Paralysis (2017)


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Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Irving Lopez

Dean Arnold (Vital Remains/Primalfrost)

Artwork by:
- Henry Carter (Gray's Anatomy, 1858)
- Andreas Vesalius (De Humani Corporis Fabrica, 1543)


Colby Rodgers - Vocals
Jonathan Hatley - Guitars
Trey Hepfer - Guitars
Carlos A. Gallegos - Bass
McKenzie Webb - Drums


released March 17, 2017



all rights reserved


ASYLUM Fort Worth, Texas

ASYLUM explores the frailty of human anatomy and the progression of society towards totalitarian dystopia, infusing elements of death/black metal with an eclectic assortment of influences.

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Track Name: Apprehensia
Wars not fought with weaponry instead
Seek to adopt subliminal tactics
Authoritative application of conspiracy, ever evil
To produce obedient citizenry
A population of compliance, unawareness
Slaves to an overreaching governance
You hear not truth, but what they allow
Go back to sleep

This is the tactic of the oncoming epidemic
sheep-like behavior to a hideous degree

Slowly the grip tightens the veil of ignorance
Trade free thought for security

Release your mind:
The method of loss
By which they gain
Track Name: Spectral Incantation
In dawn of sinister sun
Five souls conspire in silence
To a gathering at midnight
Daring ideas of archaic divination spring from
morbid, yet perplexed curiosity for taste of the astral plane

Any opposition to intrusion upon such a realm where the specters propagate
Swiftly dismissed as cowardice, antipathy towards dark council of accursed souls

Arranged in circular shape, this joining of trembling hands
Unsettling shadows taking form upon sadistic art of the damned
Air increasingly suffocates as intense conflagration fuels incantation

Provocation cloaked as benign in hopes to evade our fractured will
Penetrating our collective psyche, shaking fibers of our existence
The very atmospheric pressure is awry, as acquisition of a knowledge coincides
Within the minds of the lighters of horrific flame, their howling echoes across the waves

Nomadic spirits! We seek thy council!
Ignite within us, cognition!
Inflict our psyche with essence of subservience!
Across the ocean we ride!
Imploring dancing spectral shadows:
Devour this night!

There is a definite change in nature's form
Once withering winds now great antagonists to the sails
All thirteen candles suffocate, drowned in fire's bane

Symptoms of grim pathological changes coincide
With notable difference in their thought and sight - this is
Some sinister presence gnawing at the broken soul

Enriched with great metaphysical mastery following this
Outreach to a world all too insidious
Antithesis of supposed bliss

Abhorrence flows as ocean currents out their eyes
crying tears of blackened blood and marrow

As time progresses, execrations show impending symptoms
Somatic evidence of possession now appears

Even though the very same corporeal form likely remains
Some traits have become vaguely dissimilar
Some indiscernible detail
Which poses greater threat than physical force
Track Name: Psalms of Paralysis
Metabolic disturbances inducing bilateral hemiplegia
Impairing these limbs that once created such beautiful disaster
One needle to the spine from this diabolical doctor of death
One last sensation then complete cessation of muscular function

The intrinsic desire to create trampled by another’s to destroy
Experimentation for the sake of science, tissue truncated away for the sake of symmetry
Letting loose my bowels, powerless to stop this despicable bodily collapse
Extremities twitch with involuntary insanity
I claw myself with futile desperation

My precious scalpel to which I cling with life and limb
Enacts with vengeance, decrees of surgical blasphemy
My forceps hold steadfast, that which must prevail
My ailments take form of praise in paralytic psalms

The body that once was, entrenched deep within my mind
I struggle to summon forth that being that once left an imprint upon this world
But nothing emits but indecipherable groans and moans of palsy and stroke
These sounds shall be known henceforth as my psalms of paralysis

They laugh, they mock, as they poke and prod, the scalpel tearing at my precious private parts
All I can do is widen my eyes and drool while I try to form words, not even a shell of my former self

My last resort, to imagine the torture I’d unleash against these filthy humans
Were I who I once was, left to my old devices, to my tools of technique
Track Name: Obsidian Spine
Five bones comprise the lumbar, sacrum, coccygeal complex
In vertabral fusion, a spinous cortical sanctum

And as if to desire its own menacing means of demise
Fragile cartilage begs the scalpel
For penetration, into the outlined skin
Maximally invasive probing excavationary exercise
Clearly defining this procedure's intentions, now it’s time
Summarize the modus operandi
Medical science will awaken

Research objectives are as follows:
To gain an understanding of the links between the stimuli and physical pain
To quantify the threshold at which subjects slip from a conscious state
Right down to a catatonic REM

But to apply this nervous system paradigm
Hot knives must first be sterilized quickly
With time and wind against the grain, one can't delay
Epidermal piercings must commence at once

Enriched capacity for exploration
By sickening scents of bone
To put some price on human life seems trivial
When placed before the advancement of science
In its most malevolent form

Carnal treasure
Awaiting words
Screams echo through the halls
Grinding inside your head

A waking state is regained
All anesthetic effects wane to lucid comprehension
The patient's eyes dart to and fro
As vertigo and nausea become increasingly apparent
With side effects of scoliosis, transverse myelitis, sacroiliac dysfunction
A myriad of afflictions

We must act in calculated expansion of our frontier
And for the sake of scientific advancement
No post-op treatment will be offered
We'll but observe and record the operation's most gruesome effects
Track Name: Heliophobic
This light is causing blindness in the way
Which we’re perceiving how the days pass the time now that guilty
Betrayers have been harbored away

Such asylum was bestowed with a lack of consent
For unheard of, this fear of the sun
What measures can be taken to draw out the rain
And used to ascertain this accursed one

Plagued with drought and irreparable disease,
Boils and sores take formation upon those who howl
In rage from this new malediction

In desperation, measures must be applied to undo
This abhorrent new devilry about
He who is blighted, step forth and confess
That we may cast thee away, to the depths of the sea
Track Name: Conjuring Fog
Words in miseducated tongues
Spat violently upon the anchor
Piercing the whitened sky
Hysteria abounds

The sayer of spells stands tall, calling upon the clouds
Invoking a terrible end reserved for the worst offenders of
Decrees of law and order, commandments meant to conceal intentions

Taken to inarguable amendments
Orders ceremonially mock the impoverished
Uneducated, without a chance
Consumerism before the altar
A divine ordination
The deliberate assault of information

Bleak is the fog that clouds perception
Hopeless in depth and dimension, such is life

Bleeding from the eyes of god
Wailing lamentations across the abyss
Navigation dangers exponentially increase
Round every shadowless turn lays subterfuge
Disallowing trust

See the cloaked ambassador
Offering free passage

Congregate within the sanctuary
All must pay tithe
You are programmed
Enslaved to appease the eye

Tearing inside out connections forged
Increasing separation between companions
In the grain of time erodes a shattered life
Day in and day out

Passing down restrictions
Meant to obscure, perplex and bind
You are enslaved
Programmed to consume design

Insidious state propaganda
Preaching the material doctrine
Transforming want to vitality
Humanity upon the altar
Paralysis of information

Bleak is the fog that allows such ascendancy
Evil in death as in all life, and beyond
Track Name: Prefrontal Orbit
Pyschosurgical mutilation
Exploring the prefrontal cortex leads to decreased cognition, incontinence, and epilepsy

No consent for resurgence
Watch the face contort into a vortex of lost control
Jabbing the ice pick through the membranal tissue
Cackling as his body jolts, oh so violently

Rejuvenate by means
Of contracting this subject to be free
Advance this
Precision never necessary
Fortitude for an ego so lifeless
Destruct the barriers of my conscious thought
Shoved in a peril of the artist’s vision of cleansing me
Contorting mechanics of my soul

Hole in the skull
Inject ethanol
Introduce the leucotome
A circular lesion
Mental dullness
Complete submission
The helpless patient

Drill...Then a scream
Stab...Then a slice
A blank stare
A true zombie

Now, applaud as you marvel at the end goal
Be amused at invasive interventions
Chuckle and smirk as willpower vanishes
Exit satisfied knowing the patient is truly cured

Perceive as the puppets dance slowly to my tugs of death
Notice their soulless gaze staring directly through you
Enjoy as they blabber utter drivel and nonsense
Be amazed at the results of surgically induced childhood

Deliberate lesions to regions of the brain
Giving rise to increasingly assured pathology
Grave functional disturbance as we dig in the lobe
Beautiful failure to mechanize behavior of the victim
Epileptic convulsions and even death ensue
Sharpen the tools, fuck the rules, begin again

Mental dullness
Complete submission
The helpless patient
Track Name: Syringic Pathology
A simple pump plunged deep within your orifice
Hypodermic needles intravenously inject control
Infectious diseases intentionally spread throughout
Human lab rats exploited for diagnosis

Apprehension sweeps society
As to the cause of a widespread paranoid hive mind
Mentality wrought from gradual slavery
In centuries' time, our dust will reveal what dwells inside
In a clash of needle and delicate bone

A new Renaissance of forensic pathology must commence at once
The morbid anatomy of disease must finally be conquered

A diabolical blend of bacterial microbes
Jabbed repeatedly into the skin

Cytopathological inquiries necessitate these travesties
Neuropsychological studies introduce a stab of toxins to the temple
Psychopathological solutions acquired through relentless needling
Human guinea pigs subjugated for analysis

Apprehension sweeps society
As to the cause of a widespread paranoid hive mind
Mentality wrought from gradual slavery
In centuries' time, our dust will reveal what dwells inside
In a clash of needle and delicate bone

A new Renaissance of forensic pathology must commence at once
The morbid anatomy of disease must finally be conquered

Restrict in the name of tolerance, ideas and expressions outlawed
These sinister mandates terrify dissectors of anthropocene fossils
Boundary dissolution, forbiddance of which led man to ruination
Left shivering, wrought from a bastard "god"
Track Name: Neuroslave
Driven out of sanity by illusion’s cold embrace
While institutions shoveling narratives push the latest
In convenience and technology, re-scripting neural oddities
Sold as necessity, some new must-have distraction therapy

To amass, such frightening ignorance spread to a global scale
Requires a meticulous, mechanized fusion of wires and flesh
From the ever-willing masses
Eager to accept that which seems best to make them feel secure
Complete rewiring
Total and absolute disassembly of information process
The average citizen can but lust of such a power
To drive a herd of sheep as slaves to a hideous system

War is peace!
Freedom is slavery!
Ignorance is strength!
And resistance is futile!

Mass media weaponized through collusion of corporate gods
With ever-extending outlets, the screaming specialist mouthpiece
Now the propagandists are protagonists
Or so they say
Preaching revelations ordering:
Trust us, we know what’s best
Let troubling fears of insecurity wash away

Abandon one’s own creativity impulse
And instead, learn from celebrities pushed through garbage channels
Medicine to attain complacency in total inactivity
Apply directly to the brain
Stay asleep

To amass, such frightening ignorance spread to a global scale
Requires a meticulous, mechanized fusion of wires and flesh
From the ever-willing masses
Eager to accept that which seems best to make them feel secure
Total rewiring
A finely detailed dissolution of the human psyche
The grinding hate machine exists but to drive our species
Ever onward to a self-induced extinction