Committed EP (2014)


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released August 5, 2014


Mixed and Mastered by Erin Vernon
Produced by Alex Neal and Erin Vernon
Recorded in Fort Worth, Texas

ASYLUM is a five-piece technical death metal band from Fort Worth, Texas.

All music composed by ASYLUM, including Daniel Gomez, Jonathan Hatley, Colby Rodgers, Chris Maddry, James Maddry, Nick Willson, Trevor James Swanson

All lyrics composed by Jonathan Hatley, Colby Rodgers, and Trevor James Swanson

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ASYLUM Fort Worth, Texas

ASYLUM explores the frailty of human anatomy and the progression of society towards totalitarian dystopia, infusing elements of death/black metal with an eclectic assortment of influences.

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Track Name: Welcome
Behold. Forgotten rites and broken tales untold. Deep state of dreaming for a thousand years where lies are kept as treasured spells. Their ancient depth withheld to guard forbidden secrets. What darker factions drive undying lust for knowledge. Insatiable is the thirst once quenched by a grand illusion. Torn down and again rebuilt to house the sick and frail of mind. Look unto the gates to see before your eyes a gaze unmatched by worldly beings. Vivid memories from my psychosis reaped and sewn as weapons for war behind the eyes.
Track Name: Dream Oracle
Listless stare, eyes concave upon this corpse. Follow order after order, slave to energy and force. Actions chosen never made, cursed by demonic rage. One day to teach their sons how to fit upon the page. Watch as the snake doth slither through the grass. Approach the resting head of a traveler so distressed. Brevity, I dare bring thee a fate so prodigious, to hear your deathless sighs. I see a horror which I can only dream. This chasm I am to feel coursing endlessly. Abusive deity. Breeding sickness, spitting lies, call unto me. In ancient language, of tempting tongues. Enchant my slumber with thy heeding call. Another mockery, I watch you march with every step. This grave seems so familiar, and it in you will never rest. Freedom banished long ago, yet your deadened heart doth beat. Hopes unbeknownst of a fate you’ll never meet. Flames fill my eyes as I see your deep chagrin. Power limitless, His unending fire within. Burn these marks in your eyelids
Create a world of your own, you must begin again. This curse is forever, a thousand lives to live. Oh desperation, each pain I feel again. I see a horror, which I can only dream.
Ersatz heart I am to feel bleeding endlessly.
Track Name: Acidic Bath Immersion
Staring into the face of illusion with logic cast aside. Perception’s disillusioned process once scattered now aligned. Under the blade and anesthesia comes the drill. Sweet serenading sounds of screams convey the thrill of doctors’ prize. Their watchful eyes ever observant. Experimentation now awaits. All for the greater good of man and science, their demise. What once was thought to be pronounced, no longer theorized. Procedures formulated with crooked plans and steady hands. Deception once insightful lets spiteful conspiracies unfold. Cerebral cortex now surpassed. What lies beneath presents itself at last. Into the apple of knowledge sink the gruesome teeth. Such deep connections of fragile life and limb are cleanly severed. As I’m left awaiting death like hordes of viral swine. I feel my mind collapsing beneath the weight of cruel burden. Torment originating from chilling thoughts derived from darkened dreams. Cooperation or punishment: it’s time now to decide. It’s to the pits, into the baths, for those who won’t comply. In here, this place, a lab rat you will be. Procured advancements, your own anatomy. Staring into the face of illusion with logic cast aside. Perception’s disillusioned process once broken now defined. Accentuated by enticing light of fame, lustful devotion unto science burns ablaze. Confined and sentenced, becoming insane. Unanswered questions sear like baths of acid rain. And before my clouded eyes, anguish haunts this hopeless plain.
Track Name: Dimensional Fertilization
Toward new galactic reign. Trek beings with grave intentions. Beneath the sky. Last stages set for grand division. Attacking planetary infrastructure, visitors now collide with humankind. Wake from intensive probing. Subjects kept ‘live in stasis. What’s yet to come. Prodigious cosmic altercation. And only now a failing nervous system withers. Organ systems shutting down, as the seed takes effect upon the mind and subsequent neurological functions bound. Extinction commences. Into the heart of the sun. From separate dimensions. Mind fertilization has begun. Like cattle to the grinder, they lead each population. Enslaved to serve, bound by fear and obligation. Great civilizations fade when clemency is denied. Dehumanization now complete beneath the sky.
Track Name: Moonlit Rite
The last dawn to see the rising sun. Night falls and now there will be but one. Scars open with ease when coaxed by steel. This will be the last human pain you will feel. Eyes open wide, tongue held by a string. This is when darkness covers everything. Too small of a giant to change creation’s path. Once all are dead I needn’t feel such wrath. Cleanse me,
Take away my skin, I don’t need it anymore. Rotted hope. I’ll be no more than a beast like those behind my back. No more moon, burnt out in the sky. We all bleed red, let us drown in this night. I am you, and you are me. With this rite we may die and coerce the weak. Take my hand, I’ll lead the way. Destroy the world, or at least what you see. I, shepherd, hold fate in my hands. With this piece of glass, now do as I command. No more sky, fading quickly to black. We all bleed red; let us drown in these depths. Sleep so sweet, lick your own wounds. You are one with the chaos now
Track Name: Committed
Alive at last. Creeping forth from ambiguous past. When the last anarchist has been snatched and gives in to authority’s stifling grasp, a great iron fist grips the mind, and slowly autonomy fades towards a life of damnation, spiraling ever downward. This sunrise just seems beautiful, in utmost simplistic of terms. When weeping through these chains, I feel a deep sickness affirmed to relay fear down synapses - a neural network architecture. Electric impulses occur. Sweet sleep with no disruption. In peace till morning comes. When death stands on the doorstep awaiting amends. Great forms take shape in the smoke to arise and obliterate escaping patients. Tear into and rip apart the shattered minds and hearts of thousands by proselytization. Servants of darkness, their immortal jaws seek final closure. Now bite into this poisoned truth and accept your fate. Left bound in pad rooms hitherto, evading the screaming aghast. Now released from a bloodlust ritual and running from the past. Endearing, such warped emotion. And standing before this grand Asylum, Committed at last. Now breathe the ashes left afloat upon a blackened sea. So bleakly endless, yet strangely fit for roaming free. Floating on waves down the boundless shores, so hauntingly familiar. Bask now in full commitment to a life of damned enslavement. Shattering one’s conscious fragments of existence.With what whimsical thoughts I have left, I ponder the venomous flowers of death who so sweetly suppress maniacal laughter with every arm hopelessly bound. In tormenting shackles once more, fear gives way to despair in the heart, through the mind, bowing unto psychosis. Though illusionists’ snare I abhor, their enchantments, arcane, I implore to allow me true dreams one last time: Of the stars, of the ocean, and the sands. All the wondrous, mystical places I’ve seen in these lands. Bloodless hands, and peace of mind.